Sam Boraie: The Visionary Who Could Foresee the Future of New Brunswick

With the reviving of the World economy, there has been an increasing demand for luxury homes and residential apartments among the homeowners. As a result, more and more real estate developers are venturing out into these projects, investing billions and billions of dollars in and across the exotic locations of USA. In fact, many of these project developers are not only developing the sites but also improving the community as well as the entire area. Some of these properties are so refined and exclusive that they are being sold only through invitations. Sam Boraie is one such leading businessman in the real estate sector who has completely transformed the face of the New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie is a hardcore entrepreneur and a noble soul, who has founded the Boraie Development Company ( and is also the Vice President. With his sharp mind and the indomitable spirit, Boraie had emigrated from Egypt with his magnificent plans of luxurious apartments, modernized buildings, community halls, etc. in the New Brunswick area. It is needless to say that at the initial stage everyone was doubtful about his projects in almost a barren land.

Some of the notable projects of the Boraie Development in the New Brunswick area are:

  • The Aspire
  • Rector Street
  • Albany Street Plaza

Apart from transfiguring the landscape of the New Brunswick area, the Boraie Development Company has also improved the entire community of the area. He firmly believes that it is very crucial to transforming the entire community, to improve the area and this is where all the property developers must come forward.

However, many people are unaware of the other side of Omar Boraie, the great philanthropist. Apart from his devotion in the real estate projects, he takes an active interest in an array of social causes. In the New Brunswick, Boraie is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey and thereby has been organizing and sponsoring numerous events.

He is also an active member of the advisory board of the non-profit organization, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is an organization, which ensures regular food supply for the community people and also uses food, as a tool to initiate the transformation.

The other existing projects of the company are being successfully executed in the Atlantic City as well as Newark.



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  1. But with his company Boraie Development and his army of skilled professionals, Omar Boraie had initiated an array of posh projects, which eventually lead to the development of the area. That would be a good thing that rushessay could have everything some people have been talking about for a while which is very important too.

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