David Giertz Gives Advice To Financial Advisors Regarding Social Security

According to David Giertz, talking about social security with your clients is vital for financial advisors. A Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute found that four in five financial advisor clients would switch to another advisor if their current one did not help them to maximize their social security income on moneytips.com. Many of the respondents say they expect for their advisor to help them with this and to talk about social security income in their retirement.

These findings from the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute are at odds with the current attitude of most financial advisors in the industry today. Many financial advisors feel uncomfortable talking about social security when it comes to retirement, because many of them do not have the complete knowledge of social security and its effect on retirement on angel.co. Nationwide Financial has come up with a tool to address this lack of knowledge on behalf of financial advisors called the Social Security 360 Advisor. The tool should help financial advisors better understand all the options retirees and those planning to retire soon have when it comes to social security. It also provide analysis and projections at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz.

Giertz goes on to say that financial advisors need to talk about social security with their clients because it is a retention move. If you don’t talk about it, you will risk losing your clients. If you do, then you are much more likely to have your current client stay and be a satisfied client at that.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a longtime financial advisor who currently serves as the senior vice president of financial distribution and sales at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He has worked for over 31 years as a broker and financial advisor. Mr. Giertz presently works at the Dublin, Ohio location of Nationwide Life Insurance and is a certified FINRA broker.

Dherbs.com’s Top Of The Line Cleanse

Going on a cleanse is the best way to help keep you healthy and maintain your health for the long haul. It can help with cleaning the body and giving it what it needs to stay strong. Everything the company offers is filled with healthy food options, but their main 20 Day Natural Cleanse is the perfect option to help get your body on track.


Sheryl Underwood is a TV personality who has seen and witnessed the change in her body by going with Dherbs.com. The entire cleanse helped her lose five pounds within days, and it helped get her moving in the right direction. She got her weight to drop within mere days, proving that this program can help you get stronger.


This 20 Day program helps rejuvenate, strengthen, and detoxify your body. It will help get rid of all the unnecessary weight. Skin complexion is expected to improve, alongside enhancing the immune system to help overall clean the body. Expect to have more energy in your body when you undergo this program. In the end, it’s going to guide your body to stop craving sugary foods.


Dherbs.com is going to provide you with every single thing you need to know about about their teachings. It’s not just about trying to follow a cleanse, but more so about following a healthier lifestyle. Dherbs.com is a complete company that can provide you with the sources and guidance you need to succeed in your goals with your body. Sheryl has definitely got in better shape when she started this new lifestyle, and it can definitely help set you on the right course. This new company can guide you on the right path to achieving success with your weight loss goals. This cleanse can help get you active, energized, and ready to get stronger today.

Innovative Wine Tasting Ideas For Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Holding wine tastings at host’s homes is a fun way to earn money while growing a business. The Traveling Vineyard’s direct selling opportunity is open to all adults who are gregarious and would enjoy promoting exclusive wines that everyone can afford.

Anyone who is new to direct selling, which is simply a method companies use to sell their products through independent distributors, will find that the Traveling Vineyard is an ideal place to begin. The company is transparent about the startup costs and they will pair a new Wine Guide with an experienced person in their community for support, so no one feels alone as they start out.

As The Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides gain experience, their income increases as they build their own teams and encourage repeat orders from previous tastings. Once the new Wine Guide completes their training and starts feeling comfortable hosting wine tastings, he or she can browse Pinterest and Facebook to see how other Wine Guides spice up the wine tastings with themes or by combining them with other, related demonstrations.

In addition to in-home wine tastings, innovative Wine Guides are arranging invite-only tastings for 10 to 24 people with an educational presentation that takes about one hour and includes information about wine and food pairings and the four steps to properly taste a wine. Wine tastings are held at photography studios, yoga studios, art exhibits and at other events and locations that are sure to draw a crowd. Wine Guides have people register in advance, so there is enough wine for all. With a little imagination, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide can supplement the sales from his or her in-home tastings while finding new team members.

Innovacare Health And The Endless Race For Wellness

A key feature of health insurance is prevention. A good health insurance must offer preventive campaigns and other similar mechanisms that favor the detection of risk factors. In the end, nobody wants to be unhealthy, but in the case of an eventuality, nobody wants to give everything up to fight back to the top.

The demand for these services is increasing, on the one hand, as a natural effect of the conscience that people take in the care of their health, and on the other, because there is no pocket that can withstand the high costs that can imply a disease of a recurrent medical condition.

Getting A Health Insurance

The health products offered by companies such as InnovaCare Health, who since their origin have been well structured, but the recurrent illnesses of recent years have prompted evolutionary changes to provide coverage to insured persons with these conditions, after a medical evaluation. With a wide range of plans covering basic and premium illnesses, the customer gets a plan according to their exact needs and budget.Also, coming as a personal commitment is the added value of insurance services: dental coverage and extra services can also be added to what is probably already the most personalized health plan in the market right now. Learn more about the company at Businesswire.com

The InnovaCare Health Team

InnovaCare Health is a provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services, and with CEO Rick Shinto and COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides, it has become a reference in the healthcare industry that is changing the game for insurances everywhere. Mrs. Kokkinides first worked in Aveta and Touchstone Health HMO as COO and then added herself to the InnovaCae team. With great ideas for the growth and development of more structured and developed healthcare models, she wants to make healthcare less of a luxury and more of a basic needs service.

On his part, Dr. Shinto, CEO of Innovacare was a CEO in three companies before Aveta, Inc., MMM Healthcare, and Medicare Choice, Inc., before joining the dynamic team at InnovaCare Health. With two decades of experience, he aims to make medical services available for people all over the United States, and is focused partnering up with health companies to offer the best of services to new clients and elaborating on better providing plans with larger coverage. With a lot yet left to cover, both Dr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides will keep on making InnovaCare Health a company to look for.

Contact details available at Manta.com

Mikhail Blagosklonny fighting the good fight

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor at Roswell Park institute teaching oncology. Beyond being a cancer expert, Blagosklonny is also a leading expert in the emerging science of aging, or more precisely, preventing aging. He received his medical degree and his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from First Pavlov State Medical University. Blagosklonny eventually became the senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute in 2009, but he started his professorship as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in 2002. Blagosklonny has researched such transitional topics in aging and oncology as targeted cancer therapy and general traditional cancer therapy as well as anti aging drugs and biogerontology. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Blagosklonny is an advocate for and a pioneer in the use of the cancer drug Rapamycin as a method by which extended longevity can be achieved by mankind. Rapamycin is already a proven cancer fighting drug. In addition to Mikhail Blagosklonny’s professional endeavors in the medical field itself, he is also a medical editor in chief for two leading medical publications Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. The correlation in oncology which is the treatment and study of cancer and anti aging is in certain cancer drug’s ability to protect healthy cells either from the ravages of cancerous cells or from the treatment utilized to eradicate the cancerous cells. He asserts that TOR signaling, a therapy utilized in cancer treatment and developing successful cancer fighting drugs is also relevant to fighting the effects of aging. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Sam Boraie: The Visionary Who Could Foresee the Future of New Brunswick

With the reviving of the World economy, there has been an increasing demand for luxury homes and residential apartments among the homeowners. As a result, more and more real estate developers are venturing out into these projects, investing billions and billions of dollars in and across the exotic locations of USA. In fact, many of these project developers are not only developing the sites but also improving the community as well as the entire area. Some of these properties are so refined and exclusive that they are being sold only through invitations. Sam Boraie is one such leading businessman in the real estate sector who has completely transformed the face of the New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie is a hardcore entrepreneur and a noble soul, who has founded the Boraie Development Company (https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc) and is also the Vice President. With his sharp mind and the indomitable spirit, Boraie had emigrated from Egypt with his magnificent plans of luxurious apartments, modernized buildings, community halls, etc. in the New Brunswick area. It is needless to say that at the initial stage everyone was doubtful about his projects in almost a barren land. But with his company Boraie Development and his army of skilled professionals, Omar Boraie had initiated an array of posh projects, which eventually lead to the development of the area.

Some of the notable projects of the Boraie Development in the New Brunswick area are:

  • The Aspire
  • Rector Street
  • Albany Street Plaza

Apart from transfiguring the landscape of the New Brunswick area, the Boraie Development Company has also improved the entire community of the area. He firmly believes that it is very crucial to transforming the entire community, to improve the area and this is where all the property developers must come forward.

However, many people are unaware of the other side of Omar Boraie, the great philanthropist. Apart from his devotion in the real estate projects, he takes an active interest in an array of social causes. In the New Brunswick, Boraie is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey and thereby has been organizing and sponsoring numerous events.

He is also an active member of the advisory board of the non-profit organization, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is an organization, which ensures regular food supply for the community people and also uses food, as a tool to initiate the transformation.

The other existing projects of the company are being successfully executed in the Atlantic City as well as Newark.

Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity