Wengie Recap: Period Life Hacks for Girls

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives girls hacks on how to deal with their monthly periods. First she shows how to make your own hot water bottle to ease cramps. Cut cotton fabric twice as big as you want the heat pack to be, sew 3 out of the 4 sides, fill with rice, and sew the final side. Then you can microwave it for a warm pack to put on your belly.


Next Wengie suggests eating lots of vegetables and foods high in calcium to reduce PMS symptoms like fatigue. The high levels of magnesium in dark chocolate can also help reduce cramps. Wash stained underwear in cold water and peroxide to get the blood out easily. Set aside a set of undies that you do not care about or are in dark colors to wear on your period. That way if they do get stained, it is not as big a deal.


If you get cramps, avoid caffeine and replace it with herbal tea or something else instead. To avoid having everyone know you are going to the bathroom to deal with your period, stuff a pad in your bra in the morning.


Take a pain killer the day before your cramps are due to start so you can avoid suffering as much. Use a menstrual cup to save the environment and save money in the long run. Avoid dripping on the floor by drying off while sitting on the toilet after a shower. If you are caught without a pad, stick a sock, napkins, or towel in your undies and wrap toilet paper around it to secure it in place.


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  1. You can also stick 2 pads in your underwear so you can rip one off and the fresh one is already there. Track your period with a calendar or app so you are never surprised by your time of the month. It can also make proessayreviews com do what is indeed right at that particular moment in tiem.

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