IAP is the Global Provider of Advanced Technical and Professional Services

IAP is the leading provider of facilities management, global-scale logistics, as well as technical and advanced professional services. We take on the most unexpected jobs. Our company is already on the go to supply planning experience and the coordination on how to undertake technical and logistical challenges from international battlegrounds to natural disasters. Our company operates and maintains military installations, remote research laboratories, and other civilian facilities.

We supply Customer Workforce Flexibility
IAP Worldwide Services offer program management, technologies, and workforce required to support global customer workforce flexibility requirements. We have been in business for more than six decades and have built a reputation as a reliable and responsive market leader that achieves and exceeds customer expectations. We have set ourselves apart from other competitors by channeling our conviction and experience into exceptional results and inventive solutions.

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We have a Great Employee Base All over the World
We have a grand employee base in more than twenty countries around the world that helps to solve both the private and public clients’ most dynamic requirements on glassdoor.com. We take great pride in bringing our unique expertise, knowledge, and skills together to outline a consistent whole that is higher than the sum of our individual skills. We present our employees with the knowledge and resources to accomplish their jobs efficiently and safely at IAP. This leads to the general success of all customer engagements. Our staff has an unmatched level of commitment that has allowed us to be ranked among the best global employers. We continuously look for passionate and talented people who are ready to make a big difference in the world. IAP Worldwide hire professionals in General Management, Program Management, Construction, Engineering, Accounting, and Finance. Each employee at our company contributes to the unique experience and skills to form an influential global force. Our staff always feel the deep sense of equality, camaraderie, dedication, cooperation, and constant recognitions for jobs well done.

We Maintain Integrity and Respect in all Customer Engagements
IAP Worldwide Services Human Resource is considerate about the mission of the company to supply exclusive levels of customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to implementing and developing support processes and programs which add value to our employees and company.

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Securus Technologies – CEO Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith Comments About Positive Emails

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technologies that are currently used to protect society. Current customers, public safety organizations and corrections organizations continue to request their services to protect and investigate situations. Today, Securus Technology specializes in both civil and criminal justice technology, solutions, focusing on solving and preventing crimes which include crimes committed by inmates while incarcerated.


Securus Technologies – Positive Emails and Letters


According to further research, reporters have been able to allocate emails and produce blogs. The emails relate to hope and making incarceration a safer and better alternative to leaving people out on the loose to commit to creating terrifying situations.


CEO and Chairman, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith – Securus Technologies Equals Strong Investment

In relation, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies claims Securus Technologies as a strong investment – service and product development proposals are released at least once per week to assist law enforcement and corrections agencies to solve crimes and prevent more social problems in today’s society. In fact, Smith comments further about Securus Technologies receiving thousands of letters and emails regarding customer appreciation about how the company has continued to provide adequate services – help keep society, including inmates and their families safer than during previous years. Moreover, Mr. Smith adds that building safety into the company’s DNA is a part of Securus Technologies’ honor to protect and serve the community (being socially responsible).


About Securus Technologies

As one solution, Securus Technologies has been established for a few decades to assist public service agencies while moving forward in helping other monitoring services for business-owners. Currently, Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX a and serving more than 2,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies, In addition to over 1,200,000 inmates across North America.